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What is led module

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Light Up the Night with Business Signs Made with LED Modules


As a business owner, you want your business to get noticed. One way to do that is by having good signage, and that signage must be brightly lit at night. After all, people will be driving past your business at all hours of the day and night, and you want to be sure that they are going to know that your business is there. Just having a regular sign isn’t going to help much at night. You need one that lights up, and that is so bright that it can be seen from a distance. You need a sign made with LED modules that are inexpensive to use and that are exceptionally bright.

What is an LED Module?

A number of components are used to create an LED module. These include the actual LED’s that are placed on a circuit board, drive electronics, control electronics, a thermal interface, a mechanical interface, and an electrical interface. All of the components are put together, and then hooked up to a source of power to create light. Lighting from an LED module is much brighter than other types of lighting, which is why it is so popular with business owners for their signs.

Why Choose Signs with LED Modules?

Business owners find that there are several benefits to having their signs made with LED modules. Just one bright LED module can be used to light up a channel letter in a sign, so not a lot of lights are needed, making signs cheaper to construct. Those savings are passed down to you as the customer, and you get amazing looking signage. Some of the advantages of using signs made with LED modules include:

Brightness – While neon signs have been the go-to in the past because of their brightness, signs made with LED modules are even brighter, so they really stand out against the night sky, dark buildings, etc. and they are going to get noticed.
Weather-Proof – LED modules are ideal for outdoor signs because they are weather-proof. They can take a lot of extreme weather without being damaged at all, and they aren’t affected by water. They are even dust-proof.
Variety – This type of lighting is extremely versatile, and there are a few different varieties, making them ideal for just about any type of outdoor business sign. The most popular LED signs use channel lighting and lightboxes.
Save Energy–When you use LED module lighting, you will be using just a tenth of the power that you would use if you had neon lighting. This is good for the environment, and it is going to help you save a lot of money on your energy bills.
Not only will you be saving money on your energy bills, you will save money on the overall cost to have your outdoor signs constructed. Advertising is expensive, but you can get a lot of advertising just by having a great outdoor sign. You can have lights that alternate between movement and stationary, which will really make your business stand out, and you can have your signs made at a much lower cost than traditional neon signs. The advertising you get from your signs will more than pay for the signs in just a few months.

Channel Letter Signs with LED Modules


One of the great things about using LED modules to create outdoor business signage is that the modules are so easy to customize. Each module has a lead wire, so it is a simple thing to cut them and re-connect them elsewhere. So, you can have a sign that is completely unique to you and your business. LED channel letters are made with various types of modules, including UL Super Nova and the less expensive non-UL LED modules. The modules are set in rows, and as previously mentioned, each module has a wire to connect it to the next one. Each module is made to fit a stroke width of four inches in a channel letter that is four to eight inches in depth. One row of modules is used for each letter that is this size or smaller. Larger letters will need to have multiple rows of modules.

Another option is the LED module string. These generally consist of multiple modules with at least two LED lights each. They are often used for channel letters, as well as for backlighting, lighting up display cases, and more. The lights can be multi-colored, to really make your signage pop.

Lightbox Signs

Another business signage option that uses LED modules is the lightbox. This type of signage uses both light and color to attract potential customers. Because of the LED modules, it is as bright as a sign that uses channel letters. This type of sign is created by using the LED lights to light up the face of the box, which has a vinyl overlay that provides your company information. This type of sign is becoming increasingly popular, because you can put a lot more information on it.

You may also want to consider having a sign made that uses a combination of channel letters and a sign lightbox. The letters are ideal for the actual business name, and the lightbox can be used to display your business logo. This way, you get the best of both worlds.

Add Color with RGB LED Modules

You can also incorporate just about any color into your signs by requesting that RGB LED modules are used. These are used to create awesome color effects. You can choose to have a solid color, or multiple colors rotating all the time so they are always changing. It is a well-known fact that people are attracted to color, and there are ways that using color in your signage can increase the amount of business you do.

One of the great things about signs made with LED lighting is that you get a lifetime worth of advertising for a one-time price. Your sign will pay for itself over and over again, because the LED modules are so bright and colorful that they are going to attract all kinds of potential customers.



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