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About Us

LEDJUMP is a manufacturer of superior LED lighting that can do wonders for your business, or project, while creating memorable experiences for your customers. It doesn't matter what you sell or serve, as our San Jose lighting store will assist you to get all the attention from the customers by offering the best LED light solutions.

Like our other stores, San Jose lighting store will also help you add a unique level of responsiveness to your space through LED light products that perfectly deliver remarkable dimming, color rendering and color consistency to make a space appear at its fullest. Designed in accordance with the needs of the customers, our products can help you tailor the lighting to grant welcoming experience to your clients, while fulfilling the energy efficiency and sustainability objectives of your brand.

With dynamic LED lighting and accessories, San Jose lighting store will get you the perfect shade of light, so that you can develop the appeal of your business, grab customer attention and showcase your merchandise. You can use our color changing LED products to keep the atmosphere of a space in tone with the day or time of year, while making the colors of particular items stand out from the rest.

So, if you want to make your space the place where everyone wants to be, then you can visit and check out our San Jose lighting store. All our products are, ETL certified, and we are a popular choice of many due to our range of LED lighting products through which you can create a unique ambiance for your customers and offer them a reason to keep coming back.




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