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DMX512 4A 3 Channels Decoder Controller Dimmer LED Lighting DC12V-24V

$ 23.95

DMX-512 Common Controller Dimmer for RGB LED Light Lamp, can support 30cm to 20M(30 led bulb/M) RGB LED strip.
This DMX common controller adopts the advaned micro control unit, it receives standard DMX-512 digital control singal and transformed it into PWM signal for driving LED; You could connect DMX module with DMX digital console to achieve dimming or various changes in procedures.


Working temperature -20- 60 Deg
Supply voltage DC12V-24V
Output 3 Channels
Connection mode Common Anode
Product size L164 x W65 x H40mm
Output current each channel 4A
Output power 12V, 144W, 24V:288W
Certificate CE,ROHS

How to use? 

1. DMX address code settings:
Each DMX common controller occupied 3 DMX addresses, adopt coding switch set address, it is a Binary numerical code switch which is setting DMX original address code from 1 to 9, 1 is the lowest, and 9 is the highest, 511 address codes could be fixed in all. DMX original address code equal aggregate value of the coding switch value from 1 to 9, dial the coding switch upwards (ON is setted 1), the value of bit can be gotten, on the contrary, the value of bit is 0.
DMX signal can be received when coding switch FUN(10)-OFF

2. Other functions direction for use:
1) Testing function:
The tenth bit of coding switch is FUN, that is a built-in function button. FUN=OFF shows the DMX decoder function, DMX signal can be received.
The default coding switch 1-9 is off: black

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